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Volunteer stories after year two

A roller coaster ride of events as the Volunteer stories grew into a Committee this year. Who knew a few weeks ago that the seed of my idea would find renewed energy in the inspiring faces of 7 Committee volunteers. It was both challenging and enlightening to both guide and learn from the ‘team’. Everyone had their own areas of expertise and interest, which resulted in interviews on an iphone, on a professionalvideo camera, written interviews done by hand, and hand held mics collaborating with a digital camera.

I’ve got the Sarah stamp of approval

Sarah Edwards-Noel has been on the staff for only three months as the Volunteer Coordinator. With experience coordinating volunteers for the Arts County Fair, Fringe Festival and the Surrey Children’s Festival, Sarah was excited to come to work for the Festival. She’s already had her second cup of coffee after being at the Volunteer After-party […]

Administration Tent – The Hub of Backstage

One cheery volunteer always had a smile for me, so I thought I should share some of his thoughts on volunteering with you. Listen to Paul A: [Audio clip: view full post to listen] Paul is a long time volunteer and enjoys reuniting with his friends at the Folk Fest every year. I identify with […]

Volunteering with Special Needs

Yesterday, I had the pleasure to meet Scott, who works in the Kitchen. I was surprised to notice a volunteer on crutches, so I asked him to say a few words about his volunteer experience. Listen to Scott: Scott later decided that he did not want his podcast included on the website, so I have […]

Dancing birds and the Queen of the dish pigs.

“particularly over stage 5 for some reason, the birds totally respond to the music.

Pascal interview

July 18, 2009 Interviewer: Angel Hamilton Interviewee: Pascal 1. When did you first start volunteering for VFMF? I started to volunteer 4 years ago. 2. Why did you get in to volunteering? My friends invited me to volunteer. I lived away from the folk fest for years and wanted to come and see the show […]

Massage beneath the Willow Tree

massage and blue room are the committees people seem most grateful towards

Security tells it like it is

the changes to the “bazaar” or folk market outside definitely change the whole flavor of the festival.

The way volunteers are treated here really set the Festival apart.

how the the Festival treats the volunteers “really sets it apart”

Volunteer Experience – Raffle Ticket Sellers

Here are some interviews with the Raffle Ticket sellers at the Folk Festival. They are all dressed in imaginative costumes as they walk though the crowds selling raffle tickets. There are some great prizes this year, so they tell me ticket sales are going well. They talk about the great sense of community they feel […]