Contact Information:       
#230 – 275 East 1st Avenue,
        Vancouver, British Columbia, V5T 1A7
        ph: 604.602.9798 / fx: 604.602.9790 

      Direct all general inquiries to info [at] 



Managing Director – Debbi Salmonsen
 debbi [at]

 ext. 702

Operations Manager – Samantha Medina
samantha [at]

 ext. 200

Artistic Associate & Administrator – Jenelle Molyneux
 jenelle [at]

 ext. 300

Volunteer Coordinator – Petrice Brett
volunteers [at]

 ext. 404

Bookkeeper – Ann Hepper
annvfmf [at]

 ext. 204

Sponsorship & Development Officer 
sponsorship [at]

 ext. 200

Marketing & Publicity Manager – Gwen Kallio
sisuproductions [at]

 ext. 603
**Media: contact directly with interview requests. For media on-site accreditation, go to Media Services & Guidelines 

Site Production Manager – David Kerr
 dk [at]

Production Manager – Ken Daskewech
ken [at]


2017/18 Board of Directors
 board [at]

Jack Schuller – Chair
Mia Edbrooke – Vice-Chair
Monica Dare – Treasurer
Kathleen Nisbet – Secretary
Anne Blaine
Jenna Breau
Bill Hooker
Chrissy Johnson
Claire Mohun
Corbin Murdoch
Dan Stenning